Sample Coffee and Eggnog Email

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Sample Coffee and Eggnog Email

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Good morning! You made it to Friday!

It’s December 1st, so it’s time to check all the calendars of any organizations you belong to and your kids’ school and activities if you have kids. It’s really easy to miss notifications of events, practices, rehearsals, meetings, etc., and you’ll know you’re on top of everything if you put in twenty minutes of scouring websites to find dates and times. (If you’re not sure that everything’s on a school calendar, call the secretary to ask what events are coming up.)

Once you’ve got all this info, put it in your calendar, and then put any prep you need to do (special clothes, food you’re supposed to bring, pre-reading, etc.) in your calendar enough ahead of time that you can get it done without being pressed for time.

This is also a really good time to look at all these activities and decide REALISTICALLY if you want to participate in all of these activities. All the stuff at your kids’ schools isn’t really mandatory, and you don’t have to be at everything your kids do, either. (Weigh whether they really want you there. They may not care. If they don’t, take the pass.) You can take a break for a month from any organizations you’re in or any committees you’re supposed to run. Your book club might be relieved if you suggested just meeting to socialize instead of having to read anything for December. Lighten your load.

You don’t have to do everything. There’s stuff that you really want to do, so do that, but say a polite, “Oh, I wish I could but I can’t this year” to the things that aren’t going to be worth it for you this month.

You can make it through the rest of the day!