Having problems navigating your own anger and imagining how to manage relationships right now as we go into the most wonderful time of the year?

“Truth does not negotiate with time.” — Randi Buckley

This “holiday season” has all the same issues as usual, but this year with more rage and hurt. Sign up for Coffee and Eggnog 2018 for $27 and I’ll guide you through the hard decisions that will free you up to find your own peace during the last few months of the year.

If the long season from post-Halloween through the New Year leaves you feeling drained, confused, lonely, stressed, out-of-control, cranky, or like you’re missing something, you need a survival plan and someone to hold your hand during the entire season. You also need someone to help you keep your anger focused and productive, not chaotic and binding.

Coffee and Eggnog Holiday Survival Guide builds a Survival Plan that’s specific to you, and gives you support from before Thanksgiving to after New Year’s Day. The Survival Plan covers everything from:

  • making a budget for the season so you don’t have to be panicked about money, to
  • navigating disagreements with your partner, to
  • setting realistic expectations relating to kids and kid activities, to
  • setting up supports for yourself so you already have things in place when you need comfort or rest, to
  • establishing and maintaining boundaries with extended family, to
  • fitting in work and everything else you’re trying to do, to
  • managing food and food issues throughout the long season, to
  • deciding which rituals and traditions make sense for you to maintain, to
  • protecting your heart in the middle of the chaos, and more.

Once you have your Survival Plan you just stick to it for the season and don’t have to make a bunch of little decisions that wear you out.

“These emails always seem to ask or say exactly what I need to hear, even if I didn’t know I needed to hear it. The prompts are perfect for hard thinking and making decisions BEFORE you need to, and then when the actual event arrives you have already done the hard work. I would say my holiday stress was cut in half this year. Thank you.” — DD, PA

Coffee and Eggnog lets you set it and forget it until the holiday pressure starts to build. Make some decisions now, and then you don’t have to think about it until the season starts to gear up.

  • You get one email every morning from November 1 through January 2, 2019.
  • The worksheets I send out and the emails ask you all the questions you need to answer for yourself to build your Survival Plan.
  • After you have your plan, the emails support you through the thick of the holiday season so you don’t get sucked under by stress and expectations.

Only $27. (It’s cheap so everyone can do it.)

If you want to use SquareCash instead of PayPal, send the money to $MagdaMedia and put the email address to use for the course in the memo line. Or send through Venmo to @MagdaMedia with the email in the memo line.

Need more help?

Feeling extremely tied up, so bound that you really need to talk it through with someone? I’m not a therapist but I’m great at helping you recognize patterns and make plans. (And you can tell me whatever you need to about your family and I don’t know them so it won’t have any effect.) Pay for a one-on-one call or message session and we can unravel and reknit your specific situation. Choose your time and how long you’ll need to work on your issue: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=14796342


What people say about Coffee and Eggnog

“I recommend Coffee and Eggnog for frazzled holiday planners and over-achieving super-planners alike. Magda offers daily tasks with loving support (whether or not you have time to complete these tasks!), and the incredible Coffee and Eggnog Facebook group promises an outpouring of good vibes whenever times get tough. 

This Survival Guide held my hand though my regular holiday frenzy. I handle all the holiday magic-making for my 2 small kids, keep a gift-giving spreadsheet for about 30 family members, travel to 5 giant family celebrations annually, and also run a school event that involves raising thousands of dollars’ worth of gifts for under-served kids. Since my own kids were born, the holiday season makes me feel like I’m always dropping the ball. I convinced myself that if I could just do everything perfectly, the holidays would be fun again.

This Holiday Survival Plan got me organized enough that I hit every mark. But more importantly, it taught me that hitting every mark did NOT make the holiday season any more fun! All the people who historically made my holidays hard continued to make my holidays hard, never appreciating how hard I was working to do everything perfectly. In fact, the ONLY enjoyable thing about my holiday planning was the Coffee and Eggnog comradery. I don’t know Magda personally, and the members of the Facebook group were all strangers, but they were all so much more interested in my struggles and well-being than anyone I was dealing with in real life. I don’t think they’ll ever know how much that meant to me.

Coffee and Eggnog taught me to be kinder to myself, and that’s some holiday magic that I can keep alive all year long.” — KZ, Brooklyn

Reviews of my book Get Christmased:

“Magda is a master at breaking down systems into intelligible pieces, and then helping you build something meaningful of your own. She does this on her website, AskMoxie.com, and she does it here in this book. Christmas can be fraught with expectations and obligations, and yet her gentle voice guides the process of cutting the BS and taking charge of your holiday season. This is a fast read, but a deep dive. I’m definitely going to be recommending it to others.” — Laura

“This was a fantastic way to work through all the issues (emotional and logistical) that the holidays bring up. I feel like I’m going into Christmas with a plan and a purpose! Also, for me, reading Moxie’s advice to those with really unhealthy family relationships — that it’s not fair and you don’t have to play into those dynamics — was so comforting and validating. I’m ready to enjoy Christmas.” — Anonymous